Royal Enfield confirms Himalayan for a summer release in USA / North America?

Update: Royal Enfield has confirmed that the Himalayan is coming in 2018. Check out this article from A Ride Apart which details the plans to bring the small, affordable adventure bike to the United States.

I think this bike will be the new, more affordable Kawasaki KLR and I can’t wait to see what a dedicated rider base will do with the platform.

Original article below:

I’ve been waiting for this for a while – Royal Enfield North America has said that their Himalayan dual-sport adventure bike is set for a Summer 2017 North American release.

This is great news! So where did I hear this from — an official press release? A top-secret insider at Royal Enfield? Nope. I got it from Instagram, of course:

Please don’t be a misinformed Social Media Manager!

I’ve been pestering Royal Enfield and Royal Enfield North America about the North American Himalayan release every time they tweet , and they finally answered back.

That screenshot of the short but sweet conversation I had with whomever runs the official Royal Enfield North America Instagram account is all I have for evidence. However, there are plenty of photos of the Himalayan riding around stateside, and as far as I can tell there hasn’t been any official talk about when the bike will be brought here, until right now.

A few obvious details are missing from that single two word reply:

  • An exact date would be awesome. Will this be released in time to catch some of the amazing fall riding that happens in Portland and the Pacific Northwest? If not, you’ll either have to stock up on winter riding gear or lust after your new bike in your garage until the cold breaks.
  • North American price. It is priced at around $2,500 – $3,000 in India, but we have no idea how much this will cost in North America. Estimates from Cycle World’s review is $4,000 to $5,000, which seems beyond reasonable for a dual-sport adventure bike. We’ll have to just wait on see on this, as import costs and any DOT or compliance changes to the bike will add on to the out-the-door price.
  • Something more official than a two word reply to some blogger who looks at Instagram too much (me).

I’m staying positive and I’m hoping that this actually means we’ll see more details as we approach summer.

I’ve been wanting this bike stateside ever since it was announced – the utilitarian styling, moderate price and Royal Enfield name are all wins for me.

Royal Enfield North America Instagram
Royal Enfield Instagram
Featured Image Credit: Royal Enfield

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