Trip to Skull Hollow Campground in the High Desert of Central Oregon

A few weekends ago I got the chance to run out to the high desert of Bend, Oregon to hang out backstage at the Nitro Circus show that was coming through town. I decided to not stay in the city and instead camp about 45 mins outside of it near Terrabonne, Oregon, just south of Redmond.


I loaded my trusty Honda 350 into the back of the truck, hitched up the trailer and moseyed out east from Portland. The drive was leisurely as I go as fast as the truck wants to, and we are usually in agreement.

The campground was recommended to me by friends and it turned out to be just what I needed. Warm, clear days bookended by cool desert mornings and evenings. Just a little smoke from neighboring wildfires which cleared out by the time the sun came up on the first day.

The campground is called Skull Hollow Campground. It was quiet, mostly empty, and provided no water. It’s a stone’s throw from Smith Rock and has some nice, easy riding all around it. The views are fantastic and if you can avoid the tourists at Smith Rock, mostly quiet. Go on a Thursday, I did.

I love the high desert, and it was a welcome break from the city. I pass the recommendation that I received for Skull Hollow Campground onto you.


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