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I visit the Goodwill often with my partner in crime. She looks at clothes and I usually hit the electronics section, then circle around to the tool / random crap aisle, then end up at in the books. The large Goodwill here in Portland has a decent “Sports / Auto” section, where I can usually pickup something interesting for cheap — especially if it’s old and relatively useless (perfect).

Here’s a quick selection of interesting photos and illustrations from some books and ephemera I’ve picked up recently (along with one Famicom cartridge label).


ride-it-the-complete-book-of-flat-track-racingI’ve also recently picked up a great book titled “The Complete Book of Flat Track Racing.” This was the bible for flat trackers in the late 70’s, with bike setups, how-to’s, and racer analysis. Very cool, and sort of hard to find.

This is the reprint, and the original is quite hard to come by for cheap. I’ll have a more in-depth post on this book in the future. I’d like to scan the book in it’s entirety and offer it up for free, but I’m not sure on the legality of this.

I’ll consult Judge Dredd and get back to you.

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