Archives: RACING CARS by Richard Hough

This book was originally my Grandfather’s, and it ended up with me. A lot of these books are great for me to flip through and look at the photos and illustrations, but the dense historical year-by-year details about particular races and drivers is a bit outside of my wheelhouse. I appreciate it, but I don’t dive into it too deep.

I really like the dust jacket of this book, and I’d like to believe that the actual title is RACING CARS RACING CARS RACING CARS RACING CARS – as this is also how the title appears on the spine of the book.

If you take the dust cover off, you are treated to a really cool illustration printed onto the cloth cover. This duo-tone design is what I was going for on Salem flat track poster I recently created.


A few race faces, equipped with helmets that would get you a ticket if worn today:


Jackie Stewart in the 1965 German Grand Prix
Bruce McLaren, 1960
1963 Indy 500


A car wreck on the aptly named “Death Curve,” Santa Monica Grand Prix 1914
I like that “miles” is shortened to MLS, but “MLK Per Hour” isn’t abbreviated to MPH.


I wonder what the LNR stands for.
Wilbur Shaw, 1937
Racing Big Wig. Love the color tone on this photo.

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