Flat Track Motorcycle Racing at Salem Speedway

If you live in Portland or on the I-5 corridor, you’ve probably heard about the flat-track or dirt-track racing that happens in Salem every winter. And if you are like me, that’s probably where it ended because you couldn’t find any solid information about them.

I’m hoping this page will change that. This is all the information I can find about the Salem Flat Track Motorcycle Races, on one single page. You’ll find the schedule, the pricing, and what you’ll need to race right here.

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Last Updated: 10/12/17

2017-2018 Salem Flat Track Racing Schedule

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Saturday, Nov. 04 – Speedway, Motorcycles and Quads
Saturday, Nov. 25 – Speedway, Motorcycles and Quads
Saturday, Dec. 16 – Speedway, Motorcycles and Quads
Saturday, Dec. 30 – Speedway, Motorcycles and Quads
Saturday, Jan. 20 – Speedway, Motorcycles and Quads
Saturday, Jan. 27 – BK10 Speedways ONLY ($75 entry UAS, $50 All others)
Friday, Feb 09 – “The 1 Moto“ Enduro Cross (New Pavilion)
Saturday, Feb 10 – “The 1 Moto Show“ (New Pavilion)
Sunday, Feb 11 – Speedway, Motorcycles and Quads (11-6) Mixed Venue
Saturday, Feb 17 – Speedway, Motorcycles and Quads (Double Points)
Saturday, March 17 – Speedway, Quads, and Motorcycle Championship
Sunday, March 18 – To Be Announced

Saturday Night Motorcycle Races are from 5 – 10pm

There is an open practice every Friday Night, 6 – 9PM. It costs $30.

Where Is It?

All races take place at the Oregon State Fair and Expo Center.

Races are held in the Livestock Pavilion, which is entered from Silverton Road at Lana Ave.

Oregon Expo
2330 17th St NE
Salem, OR 97303

How Much Does it Cost?

You must purchase a transponder for $20 – it’s good for the entire season.

Money classes are $40 a race.
Trophy classes are $30 a race (Bikes excluded)
Friday Practice Nights are $30
Gate Fees / Pit Passes are $10
Camping is $20 a night

What Can I Ride?

Anything with two wheels.

There are enough classes to race just about any motorcycle you can bring to Salem – anything from a brand new dirt bike to your vintage 2-stroke single. I’m hoping to have all the classes listed in this section soon, but rest assured it is a “run what you brung” situation.

I’m racing my Honda Elsinore 250 and my Honda SL125.

You can bring multiple motorcycles and race in multiple classes with the same transponder.

What Do I Need To Do To My Bike?

Most bikes can be raced as is. However, in addition to the $20 transponder, they request that you have at least one number plate on your motorcycle. A high-contrasting, large-numbered plate on the front helps with counting laps and scoring.

What Should I Do To My Bike?

Great question, and I’m working on a series of posts that will cover that. Depending on the bike, you may not need to do anything. I’ll be focusing on the small displacement vintage classes, where wheel and tire size and type can be game changers. Stay tunes, more on this soon.

What Do I Wear?

The only riding equipment that is required is a helmet, long pants, long sleeved shirt and over-the-ankle boots. Goggles or a visored helmet is recommended, as are gloves.

It’s winter time in Oregon, so it’s going to get cold. Real cold. Dress for being outside as you essentially will be.

How Do I Race?

Short answer? Go fast, turn left.

Longer answer: I hope to be talking to more experienced riders and have them give a run-down on how to do this whole racing thing. However – I can say as an experienced motorcycle rider who hasn’t raced on a flat track before a few weeks ago — you’ll only know if you can do it if you try it out. Ask more experienced riders, don’t be shy about going slow, and hit the practice sessions.

Let’s go race!

This page will continue to update before the start of the season, as well as updates during the season. I got all this information from riders, race organizers, and the Salem Speedway website and Facebook page.

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